Experimenting with script and light

28. 11. 2020

Imagine drawing a swirl of crystal across a space. Now imagine your inspired sweep can be transformed into a light. Meet Inspiral, Preciosa’s latest Signature Design.

Inspiral communicates the idea of light moving in space and is inspired by calligraphy. Its custom design allows for the drawing of light in space, but takes it a step further to create an art form.

Inspired by calligraphy

Preciosa Senior project designer Alena Hlavatá Němcová was inspired by calligraphy. She says she was searching for a way to bring calligraphy into the modern age and make it vibrant and full of life. Inspiral offers a way to move a two-dimensional shape into a space and fill it with crystal light.

The ancient art of calligraphy inspired the modern Inspiral

“Inspiral can be considered a personal matter. People sometimes choose an image or a symbol that is very important to them,” said Alena. “This installation concept also uses uniqueness and personalization for each client and the given space. It can be customized by using their calligraphy or a symbol / letter / word, which is close to and important to the client.”

Sketch Inspiral in a shape that will invigorate your space

Contemporary crystal

Inspiral’s crystal cut prisms capture light and reflect it in the colours of the rainbow. This gives the luminaire a luxurious and sparkling effect. “Inspiral is a crystal chandelier but with a contemporary look, which makes it a great option for luxurious or classic interiors with a modern twist,” Alena said.

Inspiral's crystal prisms create a rainbow of reflections

With its inspiration in calligraphic symbols, Inspiral enticingly communicates crystal artistry and unrivalled luxury.

Signature Designs

Signature Designs are authentic, timeless and celebrate design. We are inspired by the allure of crystal combined with light. Creative craftsmanship is evident through the versatility of each light; customizable for a space and its uses. They present contemporary styles with timeless quality. Inspiral expands the Signature Designs line which already includes Pearl Drop, Pearl Wave, Pearl Curtain, and Breath of Light.