Uhelna, VSCHT

Prague, Czech Republic

What would you do with a former coal storage building on a university campus? Transform it into study space, of course. That was the task the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague gave to Ov-a architectural studio. The studio converted this industrial building into a bright space for lectures and presentations. Designers also wanted to add a whimsical, scholarly touch and approached Preciosa Lighting with their idea.

The first challenge in this project was Ov-a’s—make the disused coal storage building functional. The second challenge was Preciosa’s-- to create a lighting fixture in the molecular shape of caffeine; ideally to keep students awake during lectures.

The 3x2x1 metre fixture features clear and frosted spheres. These components are connected via steel tubes. Cables run through the tubes and the installation hangs on thin metal wires. The airy look gives the impression the molecule is floating in the space.