Raffles Singapore


First opened in 1887, Raffles Singapore is one of the few remaining great 19th century hotels in the world. After an extensive renovation it reopened in 2019, retaining the ambience, service, charm, and heritage of the hotel while adding new dining options, social, and outdoor spaces.

Preciosa Lighting worked with Singapore-based design firm Champalimaud Design Studio. The designers had a clear idea of the chandelier they wanted in the grand lobby and Preciosa assisted in helping them develop the design and with the necessary technological solutions.

The main chandelier was inspired by the lotus flower and craftsmanship and technical ingenuity played a big role in ensuring the chandelier is a work of art. Instead of typical great tulips (tulpna), Preciosa hand-blew crystal lotus-shaped flowers. There had never been a chandelier in the lobby before so we had to ensure a relatively lightweight light due to the building’s structure and the fact there is a skylight above it.

The nearly 4-metre tall and almost 5-metre wide chandelier features crystal octagon and almond trimmings in clear and onyx. The vases are hand-blown crystal with a cut decoration.

Preciosa also created two pieces for La Dame de Pic, a contemporary chic restaurant featuring pastel shades and natural decorative elements such as leather and wood. ‘Pic’ in French is a card game and Preciosa took inspiration from the playing cards used to design a central chandelier and decorative wall.

The chandelier comprises two pieces of satin brass-covered metal discs decorated in a leaf pattern and LED light strips. The wall features similar leaf décor. Six different metal cube designs were used to construct the wall as well as frosted and mirrored plate glass giving it a contemporary edge.