PALLADIUM Shopping Mall

Prague, Czech Republic

PALLADIUM in Prague is one of the city’s largest shopping centres and the biggest shopping centre in the city centre. A former army barracks, it was reconstructed into a multi-level shopping complex and opened to the public in 2007. A renovation that started in 2020 and will continue in 2021 is led by German studio Riethmüller, Architecture, Design, Consulting, in cooperation with architecture studio in.point A R C H I T E K T I includs two large lighting installations by Preciosa. We worked with lighting consultants from the studio Licht 01, that developed a new concept of PALLADIUM lighting, to produce dynamic lighting fixtures to their vision.

“We started with the idea of waves of light, we wanted to bring to the shopping centre a modern, interesting, and elegant installation,” said Juan F. Rivera, M. Arch. M.A. Lighting Design at Licht 01. “It was important to us that the installation not only creates a "WOW" impression, but provides a captivating light show for these two important entrances to the shopping centre.”

At the entrance from the square “náměstí Republiky” and the entrance from the metro station, visitors are welcomed with an artistic lighting installation. Both fixtures are made from glass tubes, each with their own light source, and hung from a black mirrored plate. The installation at the main entrance is more than ten metres long and contains more than 500 glass tubes in glass, crystal and crystal frosted. From the metro station, the installation has more than 700 glass tubes and stretches more than 20 metres.

Both installations are dynamic. This means the PALLADIUM team can control the colour and movement of the lights via a remote access system. The installations also feature a special safety element. Sprinklers have been incorporated into the fixtures to meet fire safety regulations.

“Having developed this project with Preciosa Lighting was a very collaborative experience,” said Mr. Rivera. “The goal was to develop an installation that works and fits perfectly to the design concept and I think we have achieved a very nice installation.”