Nivy is a mixed-use development in Bratislava, Slovakia. The main function of the building is a bus station and transportation hub, however the complex brings additional services to the area, including shopping, dining, events, a fresh market and an intriguing green roof experience. Preciosa Lighting was pleased to work with HB Reavis and Smartlight s.r.o. to create two statement lighting fixtures for the shopping centre.

Viktor Ondrášek, Head of Development for HB Reavis said they weren’t looking to simply install lighting fixtures but wanted to incorporate lighting sculptures into the interior. The installations represent natural elements. 

The lighting fixture situated on the eastern side of the shopping centre is inspired by falling rain. It consists of more than 1,000 hand-blown glass drops. Each drop has a metal spike at the end which creates the look of a perfectly shaped drop. More than 400 of the drops are lit using LED lights. Each drop also has tiny bubbles inside, giving each component sparkle and life. Drops are in different shades of blue, grey and clear, reminiscent of softly falling raindrops.  

The second art piece is on the western side of the shopping centre. Its base is a mix of brushed stainless steel and dark old gold metal. The component used in this sculpture is a glass tube with internal grooving. The grooving creates interesting reflective patterns. About 100 tubes are embedded in the ceiling while nearly 300 more hang from metal cables. 
Mr. Ondrášek said the team was pleased with the final outcome: “Within the architectural narrative, the installations complete and complement the building’s overall concept. The falling rain lighting fixture harmoniously complements the interior design and the second lighting sculpture smoothly and gently communicates with the exterior glass entrance façade.”