The Electric Company Building


The historic Electric Company building is one of Prague’s iconic structures. New owners, the WPP Group, carried out a thoughtful reconstruction that preserved the building‘s First Republic heritage. Preciosa Lighting created an original large-scale installation for the entrance area in the shape of WPP’s logo.

The new WPP campus in Prague is one of the most modern workspaces in Central Europe. Teams from leading marketing agencies will find a unique background for their activities here.  The functionalist, listed building has an unmistakable genius loci which was preserved thanks to the sensitive approach to renovation done in collaboration with monument care experts.  The light and art installation from the Kamenický Šenov glassworks is installed in the building’s atrium. It will not only captivate visitors but also fits perfectly within the modern space.

The lighting installation measures 5 x 5 metres and consists of nearly 800 coloured handmade glass spheres. Sphere colours include different shades of clear, white, and blue in both glossy and matte finishes.  The composition was inspired by the client's wish for the installation to artistically represent the WPP logo. The individual spheres symbolize the interconnection and cooperation of the agencies within the WPP group and with their partners. The original glass installation has become the imaginary heart of the building, and the company.

The big challenge for our implementation team was not only to clearly fulfil the client's ideas about the installation, but also its inclusion in the context of the historic building. The team ensured it highlighted the unique environment in appearance, but also gave a nod to the building’s past, when it was one of the most technically advanced buildings of its time.