Euroluce and Milan Design Week 2017

3. 4. — 8. 4. 2017

Headed to the epicenter of design culture and technological innovation at Euroluce and Brera Design District in Milan, Preciosa is about to pave an inspiring way for the future of chandeliers. A future we’ve been cultivating since 1724.

Scheduled for April 4 - 9, 2017, the city of Milan will once again throb with all the very best in the world of lighting and we cannot wait to present our lighting and decorative installations taken to a brand new level.

Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724.

Now is time for the world of lighting to experience the compelling magic of the Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724. Holding innate appreciation for chandeliers and preserving their culture, Preciosa places great emphasis on understanding their significance in history, how they relate to the past, but also how they are relevant for today. That’s why we go to great lengths to conserve their original spirit and redefine them in ways that make them up-to-date.

Locations: Euroluce and Brera Design District.

Discover the story of chandeliers as they go down the history, born over and over in the oldest known glassmaking region in Bohemia, the home to Preciosa, connecting the past and the present, merging styles and seeking inspiration that dwells in their surroundings and contemporary lifestyles.

Our exhibitions will shine at two Milan venues this year - at Euroluce: Hall 15, Stand A 37/B34 and Brera’s Design District on Corso Garibaldi 2.

Here, you can explore the shapes in which traditional craftsmanship meets modernity - from their classic designs, colour interpretations to their contemporary design approaches. Here, you will witness our chandeliers translated into new and mesmerizing perspectives. Here, you will get to revel in what we mean by “Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724.”

Don’t hesitate and get your tickets to make the most of your visit and draw enlightening inspiration from the very heart of Europe for your next projects.