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Experience the Sound of Light



  • JUNE 07-12, 2022


  • Zona Tortona, Milan, Italy


Composition in Crystal brings rhythm and style to Milan Design Week through an interactive installation composed of light, crystal, and music.

WHAT: Composition in Crystal 

HOW: Introduction of rhythm and style through an exclusive interactive installation composed of light, crystal and music. 

WHERE: Qattrocento in Opificio, Via Tortona 31, Milan

WHEN: 7-12 June, 2022

Will you make a melody with us? This large-scale exhibition from Preciosa Lighting is a symphony for your senses. Visitors will be able to compose their own music on the installation's inner three playable sections. The sounds will be translated into light which travels through the outer components surrounding the visitors. In addition to creating their own music by ‘playing’ the installation, visitors will be able to experience one of our newest Signature Designs, Crystal Spin. 

We’re looking forward to welcoming people into this special symphony. The opportunity to play with both music and light is a unique one, and we’re excited to share the experience with our guests.

Michael Vasku Co-Creative Director, Preciosa Lighting

Designed, developed and hand-crafted in Crystal Valley by our Lightkeepers, people passionate about art and light. Locally sourced materials are lovingly crafted by glass masters and put to the technology test that comes from our innovative R&D team.

954 peaces of crystal components

This large-scale exhibition consists of outside ‘rings’ (reminiscent of sound waves) and an inner heart. This heart is divided into three playable sections. In one section, the lengths of the components are adjusted to fit the musical scale. Those knowledgeable about music will be able to play simple melodies using a mallet. Those with a tin ear can still play the other two sections.

Every time a component is hit, you will hear a physical tone but the action also triggers a sound sequence. Dozens of sample song bits have been created and programmed into the installation. A different sample plays every time a component is hit and the layering of the sound sequences creates a robust composition of positive, light sounds. No musical expertise needed to compose a fresh, fun tune.

How to get there

  • 150x150-bus

    By bus

    We can be reached by bus from the rest of Italy and Europe thanks to numerous services that cover medium and long-distance routes. Within the city operat many bus lines you can use. The nearest bus stop is P.Le Delle Milizie V.Le Troya with buses n. 90 and n. 91. Within a 15-minute walk you are at Via Tortona 31.

  • 150x150-tram

    By train

    You can also reach us by train. The Trenord train company serves the regional routes. The nearest train station is Milan Porta Genova, where you get off and within a 15-minute walk you are at Via Tortona 31.

  • 150x150-car

    By car

    You can reach us by car from five different motorways connected to each other by the Milanese ring road system.On Via Tortona you will find parking meters and small car parks on site. From Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 19:30, cars entering the centre of Milan are subject to an Area C payment charge.

Location of our exhibition

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