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Preciosa electrifies Milan Design Week 2024 with Crystal Beat II



  • APRIL 15-21, 2024


  • Zona Tortona, Milan, Italy


When technology illuminates nostalgia, the result is a kind of escapism that is as arresting as it is liberating. Welcome to Crystal Beat II. This latest dynamic lighting installation by Preciosa in the heart of Milan is our digital take on retro fiction.

WHAT: Crystal Beat II

HOW: An interactive tale of light, music and memories told on a digital canvas of 400 crystal cubes

WHERE: Qattrocento in Opificio, Via Tortona 31, Milan

WHEN: 15-21 April, 2023

April 15, 9 AM - 7:30 PM

April 16 - 20, 10 AM - 9 PM

April 21, 10 AM - 7:30 PM

Preciosa Lighting has a proud history of crafting unseen and un-experienced installations that may be born out of our mastery of crystal illumination, but ultimately evoke deeply human emotions of curiosity, quest and connection. In the years gone by, Breath of Light (2018), Carousel of Light (2019) and Composition in Crystal (2022) have been some of our applauded efforts.

Not surprising then, that for Milan Design Week 2024 Preciosa has transformed Zona Tortona into a dazzling time machine. Crystal Beat II is an avant-garde installation that follows in the footsteps of its wildly memorable predecessor from the previous year.

Crystal Beat II is a response to the shift in the culture around us. We are all at once looking to the future and reaching back to the past for nostalgia, comfort and experience to recoup popular retro trends. Through a dazzling display of light and music, every suspended Crystal Pixel invites you to take a graphic journey back in time, while absorbing the sensory delights of the present.

Michael Vasku Co-Creative Director, Preciosa Lighting

The result is our own unique homage to the early aesthetic of digital art and graphic play set to the tempo of retro gaming. 400 interactive crystal cubes form the grammar of this sensorial experience. They are suspended in space, to create a 'pixellated' canvas where users can interact and respond with each pixel to create dreamy landscapes of vibrating lights.

Every side of every pixel can be individually programmed to display a different colour, thanks to proprietary LED technology created in-house. Visitors can weave their own retro narratives by programming these cubes from a separate screen, turning them into theatrical puppeteers of RGBW light and 3D sound.

400 suspended and fully programmable crystal cubes

Work of art? Or art of technology? While the Crystal Beats II is an unabashed expression of our love for innovation, it is equally a proud testament of our heritage. Traditional Bohemian glass makers are at the forefront of this installation as each of the 400 cubes has been carved from the finest Bohemian crystal in triplex opal. So both our inspiration and the outcome share this imaginative cusp of history and future.

How to get there

  • 150x150-bus

    By bus

    We can be reached by bus from the rest of Italy and Europe thanks to numerous services that cover medium and long-distance routes. Within the city operat many bus lines you can use. The nearest bus stop is P.Le Delle Milizie V.Le Troya with buses n. 90 and n. 91. Within a 15-minute walk you are at Via Tortona 31.

  • 150x150-tram

    By train

    You can also reach us by train. The Trenord train company serves the regional routes. The nearest train station is Milan Porta Genova, where you get off and within a 15-minute walk you are at Via Tortona 31.

  • 150x150-car

    By car

    You can reach us by car from five different motorways connected to each other by the Milanese ring road system.On Via Tortona you will find parking meters and small car parks on site. From Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 19:30, cars entering the centre of Milan are subject to an Area C payment charge.

Location of our exhibition

Join us on this delightful detour of light, sound and drama in the heart of Milan. And for those of you whose curiosity know no boundaries, like ours, follow us on our Socials.

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