Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre in Awali


The Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre is located in Manama, Bahrain. Owned and developed by the state, this state-of-the-art heart hospital opened in the autumn of 2019. Preciosa Lighting worked with Massa, Design and Architecture Studio, Dubai to create a feeling of nature in the lobby and conservatory with the intention that patients and visitors would not feel like they were in a hospital.

Part of the hospital is reserved for the Bahraini royal family. This was where the idea of having a nature-inspired space began. The designers from Massa had experienced Preciosa’s Crystal Garden installation at Downtown Design Dubai 2017 and this then became the basis for a more extensive garden concept.

Because patients and visitors should feel like they are outdoors, one requirement for the installations was that no artificial elements be used. Preciosa worked with Nichibo, a Dubai-based landscape and green wall specialist. They were able to provide living flowers and an irrigation system that can be contained within the lighting installations.

In the conservatory, guests can experience Crystal Biosphere. This organic installation is a mix of Preciosa Signature Design elements, including Crystal Tree, Crystal Field and Crystal Birds. All three were handcrafted in Crystal Valley and are enhanced by the live greenery surrounding the lights.

The main lobby installation is a variation on the original Crystal Garden. Preciosa designer Anežka Závadová developed the concept for the hospital. More than 1100 hand-blown crystal drops make up the majority of the installation which is complemented by more than 500 clear and frosted flowers hanging from wires. Below, hundreds of frosted flowers and leaves decorate a carpet of greenery. This field of crystal flowers is replicated underneath the main staircase. More than 250 hand-blown flowers in crystal and amber again add sparkle to fresh greenery.

No one can resist the allure of pure crystal. Preciosa created a crystal art wall also in the lobby to augment the natural sparkle in the space. Also designed by Ms. Závadová, the sculpture features nearly 900 clear, frosted, and amber hand-blown crystal leaves. There is no light source here and the leaves are attached directly to the wall.

The lobby is a soaring, light-filled space and hanging in the window is one of Preciosa’s popular solitaries, Souls. Designed by Eva Eisler, there are nearly 70 pendants featuring clear glass and a frosted opal heart. This is the largest Souls cluster installed in a project to date.