Pearl Curtain


Rethinking the purpose of a light

Pearl Curtain Brought to Life

The Pearl Curtain concept is inspired by the rich draping of curtains in formal spaces. The gentle movement of textile is translated into soft waves of vertical component groups. Similar to curtains, the design allows for the “layering” of colours or materials.

Creativity in Variety

Pearl Curtain is composed of component groups, a number of spheres hanging above one another on a single suspension cable, creating a vertical cluster. The cluster can combine different illumination methods. An assortment of sphere materials can be used including triplex opal, overlaid opal and crystal clear. The design presents a rich and opulent geometrical impression while keeping a clearly contemporary style.

Crystal Valley

Crystal Valley, Bohemia is the home of Preciosa Lighting. Thanks to the region’s natural wealth and especially due to local craftsmanship and talent, the area’s glassmaking traditions have remained unspoiled for centuries.

Defining Space

Chandeliers are often relegated to the ceiling. This concept should motivate designers to stretch a chandelier from the ceiling all the way to the floor and use it like a curtain to define different zones within one space.

A curtain can create a space by separation. It opens or closes, like on the theatre stage. It suggests something is behind, perhaps something curious, and anticipation builds as one waits for it to open. Compared to a wall, it is a soft, sensual and intimate definer of space.

What’s behind the curtain...

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