M/Y GECO - Luxury Super Yacht

M/Y Geco is a charted yacht from Admiral Yachts, part of the Italian Sea Group. Its design was done by Gian Marco Campanino with an emphasis on neutral colours for a warm tone, offset with a granite contrast. He chose to work with luxury materials like natural oak and golden Calacatta marble and created a design vibe that’s an exclusive mix of classic French and Italian contemporary. The sophisticated interiors also include a bespoke chandelier from Preciosa Lighting one the main deck aft.

The large wave-shaped chandelier weighs more than 200 kilograms and features about 300 hand-cut crystal rods. The colouring of the rods ranges from a light to dark amber which creates interesting light effects and perfectly fits with the warm hues of the ship’s design. 

Preciosa believes in a collaborative design process, working closely with the designer to bring their lighting vision to life. For the M/Y Geco, we created several design proposals which were followed by sampling. This is an important aspect as it allows the client to see and touch the proposed components. Part of sampling is also the colouring. Our colouring technology allows designers to play with deeper and lighter tones within the colour palette range. The Preciosa R&D team then took over with some suggestions on development. In the end, the decision was made to create the wave shape using different lengths of crystal rods specifically hung to create the wave effect. Each rod is illuminated with its own LED chip.  

As with all maritime projects, we adapted the construction and fixing system directly to the situation on the boat. Lighting for yachts and cruise ships has sophisticated technical requirements for the construction and installation processes. Everything must be sealed and firmly fixed and there should be no vibration in a chandelier that results from the engine’s hum or the yacht’s movement. In addition all materials must be specially treated to withstand humidity and the salty sea air. Being aware of these requirements and having the technology in place to meet them, makes Preciosa a trusted maritime lighting partner.