Hotel Andaz Prague


The newest luxury hotel in Prague is in a neoclassical former office building built in 1916 and called the Sugar Palace. Andaz Prague is the first Hyatt in the Czech Republic and features a curated design concept. The design team was led by Brime Robbins who took inspiration from Prague legends and myths and incorporated them into the hotel’s motto: where luxury meets lifestyle.

The listed building was considerately renewed, with the original windows, doors, and fireplaces preserved. Preciosa Lighting’s Collections portfolio caught designers’ eyes so we adapted our Fractal, Rudolf, and Eugene chandeliers to fit the luxurious space. We also created bespoke lighting pieces for some special guest rooms.

In the hotel’s luxury suites, an original lighting design from Preciosa can be found. Inspired by the apartments’ Art Deco touches, Preciosa’s in-house designer Lukáš Uliarczyk created Parallels. These fixtures feature gold hanging tubes with hand-blown and cut crystal elements at the ends. They perfectly complement the interiors with a clean geometrical design shining with purity and crystal sparkle. The fixtures are named Parallel to share the story of two parallels in the hotel’s design: the art-deco style and the Czech glassmaking tradition from Kamenický Šenov.

The avant-garde Czech bistro Zem was designed by Blue Sky Hospitality and features modern Czech cuisine with hints of Japanese flavours. Guests enjoy their meal beneath our industrial-inspired Fractal chandelier designed by Thomas Feichtner. There are three medium and four large chandeliers, all in gold. Fractal features metal branches and hand-cut crystal plates. The light’s construction is created through tubular metal ‘branches’ which not only give the chandelier its artistic shape, but also conceal the light sources. The branches end with hand-blown crystal plates. These plates feature a hand-cut wedge pattern which disperses the light into scattered, glowing paths.

Eugene and Rudolf are sparkling in the Colleggium meeting rooms. In the smaller room, two large crystal and chrome Eugenes can be experienced, while two extra-large crystal and chrome Rudolfs shine in the larger room. Both of these chandeliers are from our Historic chandelier line in the Collections portfolio, but they are quite different. Eugene’s silhouette is formed from central elements that are free from ornateness and the chandelier shines with modern simplicity. Rudolf however appears as if it were sculpted from pure ice, so brilliant are the cut crystal trimmings. The delicate way each crystal is cut leads to a truly glittering light piece, rich in detail.

Preciosa also assisted the team staying true to original pieces found in the building. We professionally refurbishment six historical wall sconces. Preciosa’s lighting is a crystal compliment to the hotel’s design story where the history of the Czech nation cleverly meets contemporary design.