Preciosa Signature Design

Experimenting with Preciosa’s Signature Design

Writing with light

Image drawing a swirl of crystal across a space. Now imagine your inspired sweep can be transformed into a light. Meet Inspiral, a Preciosa Signature Design.

Inspiral communicates the idea of light moving in space. This design is inspired by calligraphy, writing with light.

Why Inspiral?

Inspiral brings personalized crystal artistry to your project. Be creative and design your own swirl of light.

Crystal Curve

Like a calligraphic drawing, Inspiral curves can have a different orientation and depth, creating optically stronger and weaker lines. This gives the installation 3D dynamics.

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Flexible Design Solution

Each Inspiral light is created from a specially formed stainless-steel ribbon that can be bent and shaped as desired.

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Contemporary Crystal

Contemporary Crystal

Inspiral is composed of crystal cut prisms which capture light and reflect it in the colours of the rainbow. This gives the luminaire a luxurious and sparkling effect.

Infinite Design Possibilities

Popular crystal and metal colour combinations include crystal, crystal frosted, smoky crystal or smoky frosted prisms and stainless steel, copper, gold or black matte finishes. Because of the numerous customization options available, Inspiral is always personalized for you.

Your lighting partner

Preciosa Lighting has offices in major cities worldwide. Each office is designed to support our valued clients in the region with the thoughtful development of a lighting package, professional management of a project and successful completion of an installation. The goal of our lighting professionals in each region is to make the experience of working with Preciosa Lighting as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Part of Signature Designs

Signature Designs are highlighted by countless customization possibilities to perfectly fit the owner’s desires. Each concept offers different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods.