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Diamond Cloud

The Craft of Sparkle

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Diamond Cloud Signature Design embraces pure crystal essence and geometry within a flexible design concept. Let’s create your light dream.


Diamond Cloud

Diamond Cloud is an exceptional installation that showcases the sparkle of crystal. It features the Diamond Cut, renown for its reflective and refractive properties.
Diamond Cloud
  1. Unlimited design possibilities

    Diamond Cloud is completely customizable. You can tailor the light to your space by choosing its composition, size, suspension types, lighting effects, and more.
  2. Sleek and luxurious look

    Diamond Cloud is a contemporary addition to luxurious and classical interiors and it works wonderfully as a sparkling statement chandelier in minimalist spaces.
  3. Master cut

    Diamond Cloud’s inspiration came from the specific sculpting of a trimming. This cut, called a Diamond Cut, was created specially to emphasize a crystal’s properties in combination with light. Bring a cut of brilliance into your space.


Meet Preciosa’s Signature Design, Diamond Cloud

Watch our Creative Director Michael Vasku share the inspiration behind this stunning installation, the uniqueness of the glass cut that gave it its name and how Diamond Cloud can become a sparkling part of your space.

Composition ideas

Diamond Cloud for your project

Be inspired by our sample compositions and customize them to the size of your space, or create your own shape for a one-of-a-kind look.


  • DCL02
  • DCL03
  • DCL07
  • DCL09
  • DCL08


  • DCC01
  • DCC04
  • DCC05 - kopie


  • DCA01
  • DCA02
  • DCA09


  • DCV01
  • DCV02
  • DCV04


  • DCW01

Customization possibilities

Diamond Cloud, tailored by you

This design concept features multiple customization options. Choose the best for your project and we will craft the sparkle for you.

  • 10 surface finishes
  • 3 lighting effects
  • 9 types of suspension


Been inspired by Diamond Cloud? Get in touch. We'd love to help you bring Diamond Cloud to your next project.


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