Diamond Cloud

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Homage to the Crystal Diamond Cut Decor


Diamond Cloud Signature Design fuses/embraces pure crystal essence and geometry within a flexible design concept filled with magic/magnificence/sublime. Let‘s create your own light dream.

Inspiral communicates the idea of light moving in space. This design is inspired by calligraphy, writing with light.

Infinite Composition Possibilities


Sparkling constellation of illuminated clouds of facets that appear to float in the air allows you to customize design based on your wishes. You can choose between predefined references or create your own design in order to adapt perfectly to the space in question.

Customization / Variability

To create perfect light you can use numerous options. After choosing the ideal composition, you can combine numerous types of components, glass cuts decors, suspension types and lighting effect

Elevated artform of craftsmanship

Diamond Cloud’s inspiration came from the specific sculpting of a trimming. This cut, called a Diamond Cut, was created specially to emphasize a crystal’s properties in combination with light. This means Diamond Cloud excels in the refraction and reflection of light.

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Diamond Cloud Booklet will help you navigate through flexibility of design and customization options. Get inspired by the essence of crystal, geometry and light.

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All-in-one customization

Preciosa Signature Designs are highlighted by countless customization possibilities to perfectly fit your desires. Each concept offers different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods.