Crown Sydney, Australia

Remarkable harbourfront property

Step into brilliance

A crystal glow pulses through the luxurious Crown Towers complex with 130 different chandeliers by Preciosa Lighting. A harmonious lighting scheme lights up the resort and brings a touch of bespoke luxury to the very heart of Sydney‘s harbour. We were privileged to work with three interior design studios including FPOV, Sydney; MDSI NY, USA, and Blainey North, Sydney.

The property

Crown Sydney is a landmark waterfront building, timeless and iconic in nature. The “six star” Crown Towers hotel claims to be Australia's most luxurious with several restaurants, bars and luxury retail outlets.


The concept is inspired by nature and the tower’s form emanates from three petals that twist and rise together. Its sculptural shape maximises the opportunity for unbelievable views of Sydney's famous bridge and harbour.

A staircase to remember

A staircase to remember

A sculpted, statement staircase chandelier sets the scene and is the focal point for the main entry. As a dynamic installation, it makes quite an impression. The chandelier follows the shape of the staircase, which was inspired by the shape of the building, and links the first four floors of the hotel. The fixture is composed of crystal blades and blocks. The blocks create a crystal ring chandelier in the lobby. Combining luxury stone with metal detailing creates an inviting and indulgent environment. The blades are programmed to make this a dynamic installation; the colours can be changed and set according to the desired ambience.

By the Numbers

• 4 spiralled floors
• 37,000 square stones
• 396 crystal blades
• 102 crystal blocks
• 4752 kilograms

A sparkling welcome

Two large chandeliers made from hand-blown glass can be found in the podium lobby reception area and the podium lift lobby. Both reflect the same style and are made from hand-blown twisted triangles. These crystal components are made by being pulled from the mould, rolled and blown while still hot. The metal frames are also shaped by hand. This craftsmanship is the perfect example of Preciosa’s skill and attention to detail.

By the Numbers

• 506 hand-blown twisted triangles together

A sparkling welcome

Dancing light

In the Ballroom and Atrium, Preciosa created chandeliers made from slumped glass. Slumped glass is a special technique in which the items are made in a kiln by means of shaping the glass over moulds at high temperatures. In the Ballroom each chandelier consists of more than 40 pieces of slumped glass while a smaller chandelier in the Atrium has 23 pieces.

By the Numbers

• 9 chandeliers
• 343 pieces of slumped glass

Working with slumped glass takes a lot of skill. Our Lightkeepers have the expertise to create the extraordinary.

Meet the Lightkeepers

Sculpted perfection

An elegant glass and light art piece graces the entrance to the luxurious Silks restaurant. The delicate hand-blown crystal leaves transition from a blue-green to a yellow-gold to clear. The glass itself is a mixture of frosted, bubbled, and clear. It took about 45 minutes to produce each leaf. LED modules are hidden in the central construction, accented by external lighting.

Sculpted perfection
Soothe the soul

Soothe the soul

Large crystal hand-blown plates, some of them more than a metre in length, were the base for the lighting in the hotel’s Spa & Gym. The crystal plates feature opal in the glass, and because each piece was handmade, each one is an original.

By the Numbers

• 20 kilograms, each plate
• 3, number of workers per plate

Looking back at the overall lighting design, Mark Elliott, Global Creative Director at FPOV told ARC Magazine: 

“As with any project that is appropriately illuminated, lighting brings the project to life, enhances materiality and form, encourages clients to move through the spaces, to enjoy the venues in an environment conducive to a luxury experience and provides a multi-dimensioned, day-to-night, tailored and bespoke destination.”

Dynamic lighting for every space

Preciosa Lighting is a leader in dynamic, programmable lighting fixtures. We create bespoke installations, based on your vision, to create memorable moments within your space. Our dedicated R&D team works across disciplines to offer endless technological options for your custom, dynamic lighting installation.

Your Lighting Partner

We create lighting for any space, any size, any requirements. For the Crown Sydney, our work ranged from a large-scale, dynamic, programmable staircase lighting to a fragile glass sculpture gracing the entryway to a restaurant. The key to success with this extensive, global project was our project management expertise and focus on strong collaborations and open communication.  What’s your lighting vision? Let our talented and dedicated team bring it to life today.  

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