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Raw Crystal

A Sparkling Universe

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Embrace the power of Bohemian crystal and light through Raw Crystal’s hand-blown, organic components and create an extraordinary atmosphere in any space.


Raw Crystal

Raw Crystal mesmerizes with a feeling of glimmering levitation. It’s inspired by the wonder and vastness of the universe, brought to Earth for a touch of magnificence. For you.
Raw Crystal
  1. Exclusively Preciosa

    Raw Crystal’s raw, organic style comes from hand-blown components, rich in detail. We’ve trademarked and patented them, as the materials and skill to create them can only be found in Crystal Valley.
  2. Personalize your installation

    Various sizes, colours, and compositions add personalization to each installation. With a remarkable LED diffuser, the Bohemian crystal components’ glow comes from deep within. The availability of dynamic options empowers you to craft a truly illuminating and captivating display.
  3. Your design inspiration

    The composition works with a strict line and organic, floating components, creating the curious feeling the crystals are expanding to fill the space. The crystals play with light and shadow to create a mesmerizing effect that evokes a sense of serenity and power.


Experience Raw Crystal

Are you wondering how we’ve embraced the captivating pull of the universe and the harmonious interplay of gravity? Watch our video to discover a lighting concept that transcends the ordinary.

Composition ideas

Raw Crystal for your space

Find inspiration in our selection of customisable choices, or create a one-of-a-kind Raw Crystal with our guidance and support.


  • RCL04
  • RCL05
  • RCL06
  • RCL08
  • RCL07


  • RCC03
  • RCC08
  • RCC18
  • RCC31
  • RCC26
  • RCC25
  • RCC23
  • RCC15
  • RCC16
  • RCC19
  • RCC14
  • RCC13
  • RCC12
  • RCC11
  • RCC06
  • RCC02
  • RCC09
  • RCC04
  • RCC05
  • RCC10
  • RCC01


  • RCA01


  • RCV05
  • RCV03
  • RCV02
  • RCV01


Have you been mesmerized by Raw Crystal? Let’s design a memorable installation for your next project. Get in touch, we’d love to bring your lighting vision to life.


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