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Headquarters Preciosa Lighting

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Nový Svět 915
471 14 Kamenický Šenov
Czech Republic

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Our headquarters and production facility can be found in Crystal Valley in northern Czech Republic. It is the physical and spiritual home of Preciosa Lighting.
Thanks to region’s natural wealth and especially due to local craftsmanship and talent, the area’s glassmaking traditions have remained unspoiled for centuries.


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How to get there

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    The journey from Prague to our production facility in Kamenický Šenov takes about an hour and a half. You can choose from three routes. The fastest is via Roudnice nad Labem, the shortest via Doksy and the alternative via Mladá Boleslav. There is a large car park on site.

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    If you're planning to come by bus from Prague, your journey will start with bus 400 to Nový Bor. Upon reaching Nový Bor, make your way to the connection No. 461, which will conveniently transport you directly to the stop located right at our factory.

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    There is no direct train from Prague to our location. You'll need to travel to Děčín and then take two bus connections. First, take bus No. 402 to Česká Kamenice, and from there, bus No. 461 to Kamenický Šenov. The bus stop is right by our factory.

Location of our headquarters

Welcome to our home in the hearth of Crystal Valley

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