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Crystal Grid

The Architecture of Light

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Crystal Grid Signature Design envelopes a space with crystal, light and energy. Let's design your Crystal Grid.


Crystal Grid

Signature Design Crystal Grid is a compelling lighting installation that combines the clarity of geometry with the sparkle of hand-blown crystal.
Raw Crystal
  1. Sparkling minimalistic design

    One's perspective and enviroment define the atmosphere of Crystal Grid. We brought simplicity to the complex and created a crystal installation with a bold feeling of modern minimalism.
  2. Geometrically inspired

    Crystal Grid takes hand-blown bubbled crystal tubes and geometrically suspends them in an illuminated gridded structure. The result is an artistic, modular installation that can brighten small and large spaces.
  3. Unlimited design possibilities

    This is a flexible design concept. Choose the length of the hand-blown crystal tube and the metal surface finish. Various lighting options are also available, including dynamic, dimmable and RGBW. A dynamic Crystal Grid highlights the spatial structure and organic crystal, not to mention creating a unique fixture for your space.


Explore Crystal Grid, Preciosa's Signature Design

Preciosa Lighting Creative Director and co-designer of Crystal Grid, Michael Vasku, takes us on a tour of this sparkling and spatial installation.

Composition ideas

Crystal Grid for your space

Be inspired by our customisable options, or design your own Crystal Grid with our guidance and support.


  • CGL01
  • CGL05
  • CGL07
  • CGL02
  • CGL03
  • CGL04


  • CGC02
  • CGA03
  • CGC08
  • CGC09
  • CGC03
  • CGC11
  • CGC12
  • CGC10
  • CGC07
  • CGC06
  • CGC05
  • CGC04
  • CGC01
  • CGC14
  • CGC13 - Title


  • CGA03
  • CGA05
  • CGA01
  • CGA02
  • CGA04


  • CGV06
  • CGV05
  • CGV07
  • CGV01
  • CGV02
  • CGV04
  • CGV03


  • CGS01

Customization possibilities

Crystal Grid, built by you

Bring a striking element to your design through the power of crystal and light. Crystal Grid will infuse your space with a captivating energy; leaving a lasting impression on all who experience it. Let us help you bring this timeless design to life.

  • component customisation options
  • endless composition ideas
  • various lighting technologies


Can you see Crystal Grid in your next project? Get in touch. We'd love to help you craft lighting that captures your imagination.


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