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Crystal Spin

A Captivating Glow

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Crystal Spin Signature Design is a flexible design concept, shifting in space through shape and sparkle. Let’s bring crystal radiance to your next project.


Crystal Spin

Be inspired by the grandeur that nature shares to bring this dazzling energy into a room. With Crystal Spin, Preciosa’s latest Signature Design, delightful lighting visions come to life.
Crystal Spin, Preciosa Signature Design
  1. Unlimited design possibilities

    Crystal Spin is completely customizable. You can tailor the fixture to your space by choosing its composition, size, surface finishes, lighting effects, and more.
  2. Flexible frame

    Crystal Spin’s frame is not simply a functional support. The frame can be shaped and finished as one wishes. Using this frame allows for Crystal Spin to be installed in atriums and in skylights.
  3. The fascination of the polar lights

    Crystal Spin’s flexibility is reminiscent of the swirls of light created when the polar lights appear; the alluring dance these flashes of light seem to do across the sky. Crystal Spin brings this fascination to any space.


Meet our Signature Design, Crystal Spin

Our Creative Director Michael Vasku shares just some of Crystal Spin's design highlights and different possibilities to craft the concept for your space. Discover the inspiration, component details, and the glittering options available with Crystal Spin.

Composition ideas

Crystal Spin for your space

Be inspired by our sample compositions and customize them for your project, or create your own shape for a one-of-a-kind look.


  • CSC 33 kopie
  • CSC25 kopie
  • CSC 32 kopie
  • CSC 31 kopie
  • CSC 35 kopie
  • CSC27 kopie


  • CSL 03 kopie
  • CSL 02 kopie
  • CSL 01 kopie


  • CSA 02 kopie
  • CSA 01 kopie


  • CSS 03 kopie
  • CSS 02 kopie

Customization possibilities

Crystal Spin, tailored by you

This design concept features multiple customization options. Choose the best for your project and we will craft the sparkle for you.

  • 12 component colours
  • 5 rail finishes
  • 3 lighting effects


Are you inspired by Crystal Spin? Get in touch, we’d love to help you bring crystal radiance to your next project.


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