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Preciosa Lighting’s Collections portfolio offers lighting for residential homes and other smaller spaces. For 2020, our chandelier families have expanded to include more options for every room. New typologies and sizes make the beauty of Bohemian lighting available to a wider range of spaces.

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New Interpretations chandelier

The Fractal family features an industrial aesthetic inspired by nature. The chandelier’s construction is created through tubular metal ‘branches’ which not only give the fixture its artistic shape, but also conceal the light sources. The branches end with hand-blown crystal plates. The chandelier comes in five different sizes; single solitaires of Fractal are also available for a contemporary look in a smaller space, or to cluster together in groups of three, five, or seven pendants.

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New smaller size

Warm reflections and a sense of quiet majesty is seen and felt when experiencing King, a luxuriously vibrant piece by Rony Plesl. The smaller size version of King is ideal for dining rooms, bedrooms, and other modest spaces.

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New smaller size

Venus is an open, airy, and contemporary chandelier. The crystal and glass craftsmanship of the larger piece can still be experienced in the new smaller size. Venus was designed by Rony Plesl.

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New smaller size

A classic cut crystal chandelier, Crown presents a condensed silhouette in an intricate and bold piece. The new smaller size is suitable for residences, guest rooms, restaurants, and more. Crown was designed by Lukas Uliarczyk.

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New wall sconce

Sophisticated yet industrial, the Mercury chandelier has always been a designer favourite. The new Mercury wall sconce retains that industrial edge with a striking and smooth form. This light is perfect for long hallways, staircases, entryways, and more.

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New table lamp

Our spirited Contemporary Colours Eugene is now available in a table lamp version. This vibrant light can now brighten tables, entryways, shelves, and other cosy corners. The table lamp has the option of one, two, or three light sources.

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New ceiling light

The goal of the George chandelier is to create brilliance in a space. Its expansive size however doesn’t make it a good fit for smaller settings. Now, this homage to crystal is available as a flush mount ceiling light. George’s glittering light effect is created from thousands of crystal trimmings and this is now an option for residential dining rooms, libraries, and other classical or contemporary rooms.

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