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Cultivating chandeliers since 1724

Introducing new lighting for 2020

Preciosa Lighting’s Collections portfolio offers lighting for residential homes and other smaller spaces. For 2020, our chandelier families have expanded to include more options for every room. New typologies and sizes make the beauty of Bohemian lighting available to a wider range of spaces.  


Iconic chandeliers that shine a light on contemporary spaces

• Historic Design chandeliers feature revived lighting from our heritage
• Contemporary Colours maintain the shape, beauty and authenticity of the historical design but offer fresh colours which appeal to traditional and contemporary tastes alike.
• New Interpretations preserve the design intent of the historical piece but create a modern narrative, redefining the original meaning into a contemporary context.

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Solitaires add a touch of elegance and sophistication, perfect for any interior

• Designed by global designers
• Exclusive contemporary crystal lighting experiences
• Choose a single pendant or cluster a group

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Preciosa’s table and floor lamps are an ideal design alternative for smaller spaces

• Floor lamps for brightening dark corners
• Table lamps for bringing close a crystal glow
• Include a piece of Bohemian crystal in every room

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Wall Sconce

Preciosa’s selection of wall sconces bring a touch of glamour to entryways, hallways, and other smaller spaces.

• Creative design solution
• Available in both classical and contemporary styles
• Like a piece of fine art

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Cultivation of Chandeliers

Since 1724

Preciosa creates original lighting designs that inspire and connect people. Various classic chandelier styles have influenced each other over the centuries, blending and recreating themselves to reflect the trends of the time. The Collections portfolio showcases our Cultivation of Chandeliers concept. This is where we use craft combined with new production methods, materials, and technology to create chandeliers that enlighten spaces as beautifully as they did hundreds of years ago. 

Made by Lightkeepers

Our people are the heart and soul of Preciosa, and their stories are as inspiring as their craft. We are shining a new light, not on a space, but on our people. The people whose passion for crystal, tradition and light create the stunning installations found round the world.

Latest Collections books

Take our complete portfolio with you by downloading our Chandelier and Solitaire catalogues. Keep lighting inspiration at your side. 

We ship worldwide

Check our contacts page for the Preciosa office or partner nearest you. We’ll assist you in ordering your perfect light and arrange for shipping and installation, if needed.