We are lighting up Kamenický Šenov

Bringing crystal to unexpected places

An unconventional connection between the largest employer in the Kamenický Šenov region and public space – this is an exceptional project bringing impressive light installations, which decorate luxurious interiors around the world, to unusual places. These brilliant lights will brighten up the day of all lovers of Bohemian crystal and design from our region. 

The Endless Journey near Panská skála

Through our cultivation, historic chandeliers are given a new life. This means we create new versions of traditional designs, whether it’s contemporary colourful variations or luxury lines with an innovative concept. Cultivation is a never-ending process, like a circle without end or beginning. Three symbolic circles create this display, enabling you to embark on a journey of cultivation with the Eugene chandelier. The author of the display’s design is designer Petr Kořínek. 

Historic Design

At the cultivation’s beginning is always a chandelier with an historic design. At the display in the Prácheň area, it is the Eugene chandelier, notable in its simple elegance and the embodiment of timelessness. Eugene was the first Czech all-glass chandelier to enchant as early as the 18th century, when it lit up Prince Eugene of Savoy’s Austrian Schloss Hof palace, as just one example. The glass arms are a challenge for crystal masters, but their expertise is what creates a spectacle that still captivates.  

Contemporary Colour

The second part of the display is Eugene’s innovative version in contemporary colours. The bold colour options give a lively look to the classic design. Contemporary shades are incorporated to play the game of light. Despite its distinctiveness, the simple design remains and brings positive energy and freshness to interiors.  

New Interpretation

An absolutely new approach to the redesign of historic chandeliers is what we call New Interpretations. The third chandelier in the Prácheň display is called Echo. For this innovative design, designer Frank Tjepkema kept Eugene’s original design intention but introduced a completely new composition, connected unconventional shapes and worked with symmetry. 

Daily Encounter with Crystal

The Prácheň area is not the only surprising place for light installations from Preciosa Lighting. Three bus stops in Kamenický Šenov were decorated with crystal chandeliers. Now, everyone in our city has the opportunity to be fascinated by crystal’s glitter while waiting for their bus. Šárka Olivová designed the installations. 

Crystal Garden

Crystal Garden

The first piece is called Crystal Garden and decorates the Huťská bus stop. Look up to enjoy everything this lighting installation represents. Crystal, craft, and the picturesque nature of Kamenický Šenov, which is the inspiration for leaves and flowers, each of them telling its own story. Seventy-two hand-blown components of natural shapes remind us of everything that is special about our region – the skill and art of North Bohemian glassmakers, the Lightkeepers, whose dexterity, attention to detail, and passion for crystal is behind our lighting installations’ successes.

The Gem of Kamenický Šenov

The installation called The Gem of Kamenický Šenov is a luxury jewel that decorates the Náměstí bus stop. Under its roof, you’ll discover proof that elegance and the impact of pearls is truly timeless. One hundred ten hand-blown glass spheres with a pearl effect alternate with metal components on an imaginary cord of a necklace. Inspired by a painting from the 15th century, it creates an eye-catching installation that appeals to both lovers of traditional and contemporary art.

The Gem of Kamenický Šenov
Crystal Mandala

Crystal Mandala

The Pískovec bus stop is enlivened by clear crystal, the symbol of purity and the unique natural wealth of our region. Dazzling beauty is awaiting everyone who looks up while waiting for the bus. Peace and tranquillity is expressed through 454 cut crystal trimmings of various shapes. The glittering components are arranged in geometric shapes that clearly create a mandala, the ancient Indian sign of unity and balance. The Crystal Mandala brings harmony and a feeling of lightness.

We are Home Here

With respect and gratitude to the city, which is our home, all the above-mentioned installations were created by our Lightkeepers. These are exceptional people whose hearts beat with a passion for crystal, craft, and tradition. Every day, they put not only dexterity and ingenuity into their work, but above all a piece of their soul.