Light Therapy Available Now

31. 7. 2018

The Chromo table lamp is on sale

Preciosa Lighting had a wonderful opportunity to participate in the 2018 Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition for Milan Design Week. We were lucky enough to collaborate with the fabulous Spanish design studio MUT. The resulting light, called Chromo, was a big hit in Milan and is now available for sale via the Wallpaper* Store.

Inspired by Light

We spoke with MUT founder and designer Alberto Sánchez about Chromo and how it came to be. Mr. Sánchez, and co-founder and designer Eduardo Villalón considered the Wallpaper* Handmade theme of wellness then looked to chromotherapy for inspiration. Chromotherapy or color therapy is an alternative and ancient healing method which combines the healing power of light with the basic colours of red, blue, green, and yellow.

“Chromotherapy is a way to bring the body and being back into balance, which is basically the essence of all types of wellness activities,” Mr. Sánchez said. “We found chromotherapy a very interesting topic since it is a play with the natural effects of color and light and it fits perfectly in the category of wellness.”

Back in April, Mr. Sánchez and Mr. Villalón visited the Preciosa factory in Crystal Valley. They had the opportunity to see firsthand the production of their lamp and meet the expert glass makers bringing Chromo to life. They also shared with us some of their first sketches and designs.

“For us this collaboration was very interesting since it was not only our first time designing a lamp but also working with glass,” Mr. Sánchez said. “We are very glad that we had Preciosa as a partner who helped us to understand and guide us through the possibilities of this new material.”

Three versions of the Chromo table lamp are currently available: Blue, large; Red, large and Red, small.