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16. 2. 2023

Darc Award 2022 spotlight the best in lighting design through a two-step judging system consisting of an international jury of lighting designers to create the shortlist and independent lighting designers to choose the final winners. Preciosa is honoured to have been shortlisted this year in two categories.

Composition in Crystal made its debut at Milan Design Week in June 2022. It is a harmonious balance of art and design enlightened by light, sound, and music. This large-scale installation was created from 945 crystal-bubbled components made of the finest Bohemian crystal.

It consists of outside ‘rings’–reminiscent of sound waves–and an inner heart beating with rhythm. This heart is divided into three playable sections. Visitors were invited to “play” the installation, resulting in the crystal components sparkling into light.


Crystal Spin

Crystal Spin is Preciosa’s latest Signature Design. It’s inspired by the brilliant Arctic sky, glowing with the polar light’s colourful swirls. With dazzling energy, Crystal Spin brings the grandeur that nature shares to spaces big and small.

Crystal Spin by Preciosa Lighting

Like all of Preciosa’s Signature Designers, Crystal Spin is a flexible lighting concept. Designers can choose the rod, colour, and finish of the crystal cylinder components as well as the shape of the frame. This gives designers ultimate control in creating and shaping a lighting installation to match their vision and space.


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