Stay Safe, Stay Strong - A message from our CEO

27. 4. 2020

All of us at Preciosa Lighting hope you, your families, and your teams are healthy and staying positive in these uncertain times. I wanted to let you know that everyone at Preciosa Lighting is thinking of you, your teams and your family. We are looking forward to the day we can meet in person, and share a story and a smile.

Right now, we are focusing on being thankful. Even in this difficult situation when not only the present, but the future is insecure, we find little ways to be grateful everyday. We appreciate you. Even though you are on the ‘same ship’ as we are,you bring us joy in the work you continue to do.

Our Preciosa Foundation has been actively engaged in work related to the prevention of Covid-19 (coronavirus) and supporting healthcare workers in Northern Bohemia, Czech Republic. To date, it has donated nearly 190,000 EUR and is planning further assistance. The Foundation financially supported hospitals in the nearby towns of Ceska Lipa and Liberec; Foundation volunteers are sewing masks and employees and individuals who find themselves in emergency circumstances can apply to the Foundation for monetary assistance.

We continue to create moments of lighting joy and hope you will stay connected with us through our social networks. I hope the brightness we share online will bring a smile to your face, and perhaps even a little lighting inspiration. Together we are better, no matter how that ‘together’ may be.

Please stay strong and stay in touch,

Lucie Karlova, CEO of Preciosa Lighting