Story of Billion Pixels

13. 12. 2022


Designers and project managers often have a tough task–where can they find the perfect elements that fit their project’s space, design, desired atmosphere, and budget? Options in the commercial sector are often not all that flexible. If your brief calls for an interactive, original, and interesting lighting fixture, where are you going to look? Preciosa Lighting.

The Sky Innovation Centre is the newest addition to the company’s UK headquarters. Sky, Europe’s leading entertainment company aims to make the Innovation Centre a leader in technology development. Sky’s internal agency, SKY Creative Agency, led the project. They came to us because they were looking for a bespoke lighting installation for the reception area, one that would allow them to play with the programming and offer a unique experience. The client envisioned an installation that would offer the experience of Sky’s content being brought to life through many vibrant and changing colours. Preciosa Lighting is a leader in dynamic, programmable lighting fixtures. Our Pearl Curtain Signature Design was chosen for this incredible opportunity.

The Design

The Pearl Curtain design concept is composed of component groups. For this installation that translated into 1,276 spheres hanging one above another on a single suspension. Important to this project was that the cluster could combine different illumination methods. Pearl Curtain is an ideal concept for large open spaces, like Sky Innovation Centre’s reception area. The size and shape can be customised, and the design presents a rich geometrical impression, while keeping a clearly contemporary style.

The massive 8 metres by 4 metres Billion Pixels crystal installation resembles a wave of pixel lights. It’s a dynamic installation using RGBW sources with integrated digital multiplex (DMX) control to connect the automatic dynamic scenes to the Sky’s concept.

The installation was designed by Lukáš Uliarczyk. More than 1,200 crystal spheres were set into 6 different lighting scenes.

The Technology

Our dedicated R&D team developed an entirely new programming loop for this customized installation. There are three lighting situations which each have a variety of colours and different requirements. The program our team created allows us to combine all three of these functionalities and still return to the basic menu. Ondrej Dörfl is a project engineer at Preciosa. He said because of our past experience with dynamic lighting and the client’s clear vision, the project was straightforward. He shared details of the different lighting programs Billion Pixels features.

Ondrej Dörfl and Pavel Prusík programming the dynamic lighting scenes of the installation

“The installation for Sky Innovation Centre is specific in that it must directly harmonise with the other visual elements in these spaces,” he explained. “The scenes are programmed for everyday and festive occasions. But our installation is also remarkable in that it can be directly connected to a television broadcast, and the light fixture subsequently matches the colour of the screens in the reception area. It is also ready for interactivity; if the customer decides to use it in the future a certain light effect can be triggered by people passing through the reception turnstiles.”

Precise requirements of the client for colors of the installation

The Sky and Preciosa teams collaborated on the development of the dynamic scenes.

“Designers from the SKY Creative Team came up with their idea and a clearly defined colour range,” Mr. Dörfl said. “Together with my colleagues, we fine-tuned the required effects, added a bit of our own inventions and know-how, until the final result was created. Both we at Preciosa and especially the client were satisfied.”

Draft of scenario for one of the lighting scenes

But there were still some unique challenges.

“The big challenge was the final setting of more than 1,200 crystal spheres into different scenes via remote support,” he said. “Our project manager from the London office transmitted live video from the English location to the Czech Republic, where our local team directly edited the details of the scenes to achieve the client’s vision.”

One of the crystal components – testing the illumination

Lighting Trends

Every bespoke project is unique in its own way, which makes them such a joy for our teams to design. This one was fascinating in that Sky required not only a dynamic light fixture that creates colour scenes by itself, but also a connection to the audio-visual environment of television broadcasting. We asked Pavel Prusík, head of the electrical team at Preciosa, why he thinks clients choose this dynamic element.

“RGBW dynamic lighting works as a certain visual attraction that draws your attention to the fact that there could be something interesting or unique,” he said. “It’s like how fireworks are popular, you enjoy seeing what might come next, what any additional effect will bring. I think it’s now also the case with lighting fixtures.”

“The main advantage with RGBW dynamic lights is that you can create different scenic effects, but at the same time you can let the light shine in a pleasant white colour and enjoy the pure beauty of crystal lighting.”

We are very proud that thanks to the Lightkeepers from Kamenický Šenov, an engaging, dynamic installation was brought to life, reflecting the vision of the SKY Creative Agency and creating truly memorable moments in their new premises.

Dynamic installations worldwide

Take a virtual trip with us around the world to discover just a few of our dynamic lighting installations.

We’ll start in the United States at the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Here you’ll find Crystal Swell, created from three flexible metal ribbons lined with crystal cut prisms. The addition of RGBW LED strips create a variety of dynamic scenes. It’s also earthquake proof! Moving towards the Midwest, we visit Madison, Wisconsin and the AC Hotel Madison. Visible from the street, the Ridge Stone Wall is a dynamic lighting installation and captivating statement piece in the hotel’s lobby. Finally let’s now head to Sydney, Australia and the Crown Towers Hotel where our sculpted, statement staircase chandelier is the focal point of the hotel’s main entry. Individual elements are programmed to make this a dynamic installation.

What’s next? Soon we’ll take you to India and Qatar for two more dynamic crystal and light installations!