Presenting Preciosa’s Collections

1. 7. 2019

A touch of luxury for homes and businesses

Preciosa is based on heritage, tradition and extensive glass and lighting knowledge. All of these elements come together in our Collections portfolio; chandeliers and solitaries that brilliantly showcase Preciosa’s craftsmanship and the sparkle of crystal. Collections allow anyone to include luxury lighting as a design element in their home or office.

Cultivation of Chandeliers

Preciosa has been cultivating chandeliers in Crystal Valley, Czech Republic since 1724, ensuring the glass making tradition continues to burn brightly.


An important part of this cultivation is ingenuity and technology; lighting alchemy for the 21st century. We place great importance on engaging emotions to create the perfect light. This is something that can be felt when you are in the presence of a Preciosa chandelier.


Preciosa presents the elegance of a chandelier in three different formats - Iconic, Contemporary Colour and New Interpretation.


Thanks to new production methods and materials, Preciosa has revived historic chandeliers from our history into our Iconic portfolio. Contemporary Colours maintain the shape, beauty and authenticity of the historical design but offer fresh colours which appeal to traditional and contemporary tastes alike. New Interpretations preserve the design intent of the Iconic piece but create a new narrative, redefining the original meaning into a new context.


Our chandelier family contains five designs: Rudolf, Maria Theresa, Eugene, Louis and George. Many of these families also offer wall sconces and floor and table lamps.


Our Solitaries portfolio offers designers the flexibility to choose a single pendant or cluster a group to create the design impact they desire.


Solitaries are created in collaboration with well-known designers who appreciate Preciosa’s handcrafted approach, dedication to tradition and modern spin. These are the perfect addition to private homes that might not have the space or the design to support a chandelier.

“From classic to contemporary, historic to modern, our Collections portfolio offers something for every design taste,” said Petra Kováčiková, Head of Collections at Preciosa Lighting. “No matter the space or the style, Preciosa has a light that will create an impact in your space.”

Flagship store

Our Collections portfolio can be explored more online or visit the Flagship store in Prague to see the creativity and craftsmanship in person.