Preciosa Presents... Light Dance

12. 3. 2018

Magical, exhilarating, exceptional.

Like dancers performing in perfect harmony, Preciosa Lighting’s recent commision lights up a room with a glow that glitters and sparkles.

The multidisciplinary teams at Preciosa are constantly challenged to test both their creativity and ingenuity to come up with bold new installation designs for a range of spaces.

Recently, we received a query to design an extra large chandelier for a new private school soon to open in Japan. Taking inspiration from our historic Maria Theresa chandelier, a project team of more than 20 people worked to create this masterpiece of light. From glass makers to engravers to design engineers, the team used historic knowledge coupled with our technological advances to produce this sparkling chandelier.


The finished design is radiant, gentle and poetic, despite its commanding size. Nearly 15,000 trimmings were crafted for the piece, which is a grand 475 centimetres tall and 320 centimetres wide. Maria Theresa is one of our most iconic and enduring Bohemian glass arm chandeliers. She has stayed true to her original form since gracing the coronation of Maria Theresa to Queen of Bohemia in 1743.

The chandelier has now been shipped to Japan. The school is still under construction and we are sure the new light will be a warm welcome and inspiration to the students and staff. We hope you will gain some crystal inspiration from this video which details the making of the chandelier in one of the most graceful ways possible.