On Crystal Sails

12. 9. 2019

Preciosa Designs Trophy for the Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show is the leading luxury event for the yachting industry. Every year about 40 new superyachts are unveiled at the show; the ultimate showcase for industry influencers. Preciosa Lighting is pleased to consistently be a partner of the event, showcasing our maritime programme and designing the trophy for the MYS’ Inaugural Gala and Awards.

The exclusive ceremony will honour the greatest luxury vessels making their world debuts at the MYS the following day. For the second time, Preciosa designer Lukáš Uliarczyk will be designing this special trophy.

“I wanted an award that had the personality of a yacht, the shape, something that showed movement,” he said. “The trophy can be seen as a monument to the sea as well as an artistic illustration of the bow of a ship.”

The trophy is based on what Preciosa does best -- hand-blown crystal. Master craftsmen also hand-cut ripples along the bottom and the glass itself has a wavy appearance. Having all these elements was important to Mr. Uliarczyk’s design.

“Thanks to the organic nature of glass the trophy represents the fluidness and irregularity of the sea -- the ripples, movement, changes,” he said.

Mr. Uliarczyk has been working at Preciosa since 2017. He has designed numerous notable chandeliers like Crown. Since his work typically involves working with lights, creating this trophy gave him a little more freedom and the opportunity to try out a different kind of creativity.

“Chandeliers require a functional element, this is more of an art piece, a statue,” he explained. “It has to have a minimal form and contain deep meaning. Looking at it you see a story, the shape, structure, tiny details, and imperfections.”

Having the ability to work with glass every day is inspiring to Mr. Uliarczyk.

“With glass, it’s the unpredictability,” he said. “It always surprises you and that leads to originality, each piece is different and has its own soul.”

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25-28 September, 2019
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