The Moravian Gallery shines with crystal

16. 2. 2022

The newly reconstructed Museum of Applied Arts, part of the Moravian Gallery in Brno, features the largest collection of design and fashion in the Czech Republic. The museum is currently presenting the work of Czech designers as part of a permanent exhibition as well as in two temporary exhibitions. The exhibition also includes several handmade pieces handmade from Preciosa.

Centre of Czech design

The extensive collection offers visitors a number of themed, customized spaces. One example is the Black & Light Depo, an open depository which includes glass, porcelain, and ceramic pieces. An essential part of the exhibition is the fashion presented in the Fashion 2000+ space. Design permeates the space, not only through the exhibits but also the interiors, which were created by renowned designers. In the Museum of Applied Arts, the Demon of Growth by Krištof Kintera is impressive in both size and colour. Light and a touch of luxury are brought to the unique space with Pearl Drop, a lighting design concept from Preciosa Lighting’s Signature Designs portfolio.

Shining pearls in the Votive Hall

The Votive Hall is a unique place, combining a historic masterpiece with modern design. During the reconstruction, a valuable wall painting from the 19th century was discovered under layers of old paint. The professional restoration of the original painting took several months. A fresh space was created with a unique genius loci and is now illuminated by a 3-metre Pearl Drop installation. The luminaire is built from handmade spheres made from three-layer triplex opal glass, a speciality glass technique from the Preciosa glassworks. Pearl Drop’s classic yet modern look was inspired by a pearl necklace and adds elegance to any space, just like jewellery. Indeed, it perfectly decorates the Votive Hall.

Light glows in the Designshop

Preciosa is a natural part of the Moravian Gallery; united not only by its design focus, but also by its desire for innovation, constant development and an original approach to creation, materials, and technologies. Here you can find more lighting from Preciosa. The Souls solitaires, designed by Eva Eisler, are from our Lighting Collections portfolio. The design is characterized by its purity, depth, and mystery. The luminaire‘s graceful form features clear and frosted glass which creates an impressive play of light.

Crystal glitters in the Design + Fashion exhibition

In the space dedicated to fashion, visitors can discover a mask designed by Jiří Kalfař and decorated with Czech crystal from Preciosa. This is one of the most striking elements from his Fall/Winter 2020 collection. The world-renowned designer created it in accordance with his long-term philosophy focused on environmental protection. He believes in using recycled and upcycled materials, components with a minimal carbon footprint and ones that were processed without a negative impact on animals. Crystal stones from Preciosa Components are produced exclusively in the Czech Republic and in a long-term sustainable way. They also meet Mr. Kalfař’s requirements. The pink mask is studded with hundreds of Maxima chaton roses, the most glittering crystal stones in its category in the world. Each stone can reflect up to 263 rays of light.

Be enchanted and inspired

The newly opened spaces of the Moravian Gallery are a source of inspiration and unexpected aesthetic experiences and emotions. Don‘t miss this opportunity to visit the largest Czech exhibition of current work in the fields of industrial design, fashion, and art. Get to know not only the exhibits, but also design lighting from the Preciosa Lighting glassworks.