Mercury Makes its Mark

26. 4. 2020

Preciosa chandelier travels the world

Mercury is the Roman messenger of the gods. Preciosa’s Mercury chandelier is part of our New Interpretations portfolio--contemporary chandeliers, inspired by the spirit of Bohemian craftsmanship, generations of glass masters and our iconic chandeliers. The Mercury light sends a message of modern design that embraces the history and heritage of traditional chandeliers.

Mercury at Euroluce 2015 in Milan

Message from the past

New methods of casting brass revolutionised the production of chandeliers in the 18th century. These brass chandeliers were considered sculptural works of art. We respect these methods so much that we still create our Historic Design Louis chandelier the traditional way--casting his components and then assembling them by hand so the chandelier appears to be one piece. Louis radiates luxury, affluence and good taste. It is a bold, expansive statement of light. Mercury is inspired by Louis.

Mercury in gold glows in an otherwise neutral space

Message for today

Mercury was designed by renowned and award-winning Czech designer and sculptor Rony Plesl. This is a daring piece. Mr. Plesl used striking metal to create a confident installation which still reflects refinement and luxury. This light is an excellent example of how Preciosa takes traditional inspiration and incorporates new technology and materials that result in a fresh and modern piece.

We asked Mr. Plesl about his design process.

“I always start with a story,” he said. “For example, to me, Mercury is a machine that was created in the workshop of a weird but brilliant designer.”

For him, working with glass and light is something special.

“I am primarily a sculptor and I feel a connection to light objects. It is basically a statue in free space,” he said. “I appreciate the artistic feelings of the best glass masters. They are basically the extended hands of us designers.”

Global messages

Mercury’s luxurious but slightly industrial and edgy look has caught the eye of designers around the world. In addition to being found in luxury residences, it brightens restaurants, hotels and other public spaces.

Orra Harbour Residence

In Dubai, Orra Harbour Residences goes above and beyond for residents by creating a 5-star hotel feeling at home in a residential building.Two Mercury chandeliers hang in the lobby. Preciosa customized them by adjusting the colour of the wires (a key design element of Mercury). The design team of Interiorra Project Management requested yellow, instead of red, to match the couches in the lobby.

Omni Hotel Louisville

Farther away in the US state of Kentucky, Omni Louisville Hotel has an industrial design vibe that takes inspiration from the essence of the city. In one of the hotel’s restaurants, Neighborhood Services, Mercury reflects brilliantly off the brick walls.

Mercury makes another appearance at the Nusr-Et Steakhouse in Abu Dhabi

Message from the future?

Mr. Plesl was pleased with the final result of his light.

“I was delighted and I admired the precise work of the craftsmen and engineers who followed my design to the letter,” he said. “Preciosa has always attracted me with its long tradition. The company has clear design and construction foundations on which to build.”

Where will Mercury appear next? This is the message we are still waiting for. Stayed tuned.


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