Mega Yacht Luxury

22. 1. 2020

A deeper look at opulent maritime lighting

At the Monaco Yacht Show 2019 one of the most notable yachts on display was Tis. Not only was it the largest superyacht at the show, it also won the MYS Interior Design Award. The luxury yacht was built by Lürssen and the palatial classical interiors were done by Winch Design. Preciosa Lighting was thrilled to provide 12 chandeliers and six wall sconces for the elegant interiors.

One of TIS' dining rooms

“The brief provided by Winch Design was confident and detailed, which is why they are such a great partner,” said Michal Dvorak, Managing Director, Preciosa UK. “We needed to bring their vision to life while ensuring the lighting was suitable for a yacht. The luxuriousness of this project cannot be overlooked; style, details and materials were extremely important.”

Tis’ design was inspired by iconic hotels and residences around the world. Winch Design tasked the Preciosa maritime team with coming up with lighting reminiscent of the French Louis XVI style but also suitable for a yacht. Ceiling lights from Preciosa can be found in the Main Deck Saloon, Owner’s Deck Saloon, Formal Dining Room and Formal Office. These have a similar floral design with a colour scheme of light copper gold and white. The leaves are hand-blown crystal with optical décor and glass chips.

“The chandeliers and wall sconces developed with Preciosa bring an authentic elegance to a project that demanded the highest levels of quality craftsmanship,” Jim Dixon, Director, Yachts & Aviation at Winch Design said. “Each item required a custom engineering solution which rendered it suitable for life on board. A solution which was seamlessly integrated into Tis’ outstanding interior spaces. Every item contains levels of patina which give each piece a unique identity, and turn it into a piece of art fitting for a classical French interior.”

Preciosa's floral lighting design

In the Formal Dining Room there are six complementary wall sconces in light copper gold with hand-blown crystal petals. Other wall sconces can be found on the Lower Deck, the Bridge Deck Spa and inside the lift. The design of each of these is slightly different, but all include hand-blown Bohemian crystal and have gone through our rigorous 4-step maritime safety test.

“Our maritime programme is unique in that we already have the experience and creativity to create exquisite hand-blown crystal lighting,” said Mr. Dvorak. “However, translating fragile glass objects to a moving, humid and damp interior requires an extra level of research, knowledge and commitment that we are proud to embrace.”

This luxurious superyacht has already been honoured for its interiors, and we were honoured to receive appreciation from the Winch Design team who thanked us “for your hard work and commitment to this project. It was a huge challenge and achievement for everyone involved and the end result looked fantastic! We greatly appreciate your diligence in working to the exacting standards required for this level of project. We very much look forward to working with you all again on future projects.”

Jim Dixon from Winch Design and Michal Dvorak from Preciosa Lighting

Mr. Dixon added: “The result of the collaboration between Preciosa and Winch Design on board M/Y Tis must be seen and experienced to truly be appreciated. Working with Preciosa is a pleasure - they are irreplaceable and indispensable on any project, be it on land, in the air or at sea.”