Making Waves in Monaco

15. 8. 2019

All hands on deck for the Monaco Yacht Show 2019

For the fifth year in a row Preciosa Lighting is setting sail for Monaco, proud to be a partner of the exclusive Monaco Yacht Show. We will be introducing a new interactive installation for yachts as well as providing the MYS with the trophies for their annual awards.

Dynamic and Interactive

Debuting at the Monaco Yacht Show will be a special maritime version of our popular Signature Design, Pearl Drop. We also wanted to take this opportunity to show the dynamic and interactive possibilities that are available with this light. Visitors will be able to interact with Pearl Drop in a very special and tactile way. Our creative directors were inspired by the energizing possibilities of touch.

Guests to Preciosa’s installation will be invited to pick up one of our special hand-blown pearls. Their caress will illuminate Pearl Drop with a flourish of light and spirit.

Flashback to Monaco Yacht Show 2018

The Celebration of Light

Imagine the scene. A luxurious yacht, beautifully decorated. Friends, colleagues, a happy group of people are enjoying each other’s company. And with a clink of the wine glasses, an illuminating surprise appears. The chandelier above the table is suddenly filled with light. We toast again, louder this time, and a new wave of light rolls through. What is this?

This is Pearl Wave, interactive lighting installation by Preciosa Lighting. Specifically designed for yachts, Pearl Wave made its debut at the Monaco Yacht Show. The light was designed by Preciosa Creative Directors Michael Vasku and Andreas Klug. They shared with us some of the finer details that went into creating this captivating light.

Experienced Maritime Partner

Preciosa is a leading designer and manufacturer of a wide range of breathtaking lighting objects specially designed for yachts, cruise liners and ships. The company creates unique chandeliers, wall lights, decorative objects, and floor or furniture inlays as well as various options for columns and balustrades. Preciosa provides in-house consulting and realization of construction, drawings, design, and in-house production.

Visit Preciosa Lighting:
Monaco Yacht Show
Port Hercules, Monte Carlo, Monaco
25-28 September, 2019
Stand PP 27