Lighting up the Middle East

CID Awards: Saudi Arabia

20. 6. 2023

Preciosa Lighting designed and handcrafted bespoke trophies for the first-ever Commercial Interior Design Awards in Saudi Arabia.

CID Awards

The Middle East has always been a hotbed of creative design and architecture.

One market where we see a lot of interest is Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is experiencing significant growth and development in the interior design and architecture industry, and to meet the demand, we’ve opened an office in Riyadh. We’re currently working on numerous projects in KSA, offering exceptional lighting solutions that provide a unique experience. This year, Commercial Interior Design hosted its annual awards ceremony in Riyadh, and we couldn’t wait to be a part of it.

“The CID Awards is always a fantastic evening, full of inspiring projects and people,” said George Karl, Managing Director of Preciosa Lighting Middle East. “This year, we wanted to be involved in a special way.”

Winners Trophy

Preciosa Lighting designed and produced the 13 trophies that were presented to all the CID Award winners.

CID Awards

Preciosa Designer Stanislava Procházková designed the trophy and was inspired by natural elements. The trophy seamlessly blends glass and marble, showcasing their unique qualities in a singular, cohesive form. Fusing the design with her own artistic creativity, Ms. Procházková captured the interplay between solidity and delicacy, as well as transparency and opacity, which can be found in both materials.

Preciosa’s master glass cutters and stonemasons came together to finish the trophy. The top half is a solid piece of hand-cut and polished glass. The bottom is a piece of black marble. After perfectly joining the components, the entire trophy undergoes the same refining and polishing process that our chandeliers receive. The result is a sophisticated trophy with superb aesthetic appeal.

A Night Full of Winners

More than 200 of the region's design leaders attend the CID Awards: Saudi. Winners were crowned in 13 categories. We were pleased to personally hand the winners trophies to three exceptional designers and design firms:

Paul Bishop, Interior Designer of the Year
AMAQ Interiors, Interior Fit-out Firm of the Year
Kristina Zanic Consultants, Interior Design Firm of the Year

“What an exciting and inspiring event!” Mr. Karl said. “It was a unique opportunity to bring together the region’s design community and acknowledge the Middle East's interior design industry's exceptional creativity, innovation, and visionary approach. It was an honour to celebrate the contributions of individuals and firms shaping the region’s dynamic and innovative business landscape, making it a vibrant and creative hub.”