Lighting Trends 2020

5. 1. 2020

How should you brighten your life this year?

Trends come and go, and when you have been in business since 1724, you’ve seen a lot come and go. Preciosa Lighting creates lights and installations that stand the test of time, preferring to design lighting that will still be beautiful and memorable in ten, twenty years’ time.

Our creative team of designers and R&D specialists do have an eye on what’s hot and which currently popular styles might be more than just a flash in the fashion pan. Take a look at some trends that could add a fresh glow to your year.

Nature Calling

Materials and finishes will have a natural touch. Greens and blues along with natural materials like glass and stone will not only fit many existing interiors but also prove to be long-lasting. Finishes will likewise be soft - warm golds, copper, etc.

Streamlined Style

Art Deco inspired design has been around for a few years now and its popularity doesn’t seem to be waning. This year it will be more streamlined and refined, again creating a more long-term style. Hints of an industrial look and minimal vibe will be apparent. To jazz things up a bit, geometric shapes should also be in abundance.


Preciosa is a leader in designing kinetic, dynamic and interactive lighting. Much of what we’ve been able to create in the last decade is due to the rapid advancement in LED technology. Using LEDs allows for innovation, creativity and energy savings. Their versatility means they can be moulded to any light typology or design and technical limitations are greatly reduced. They are functional and practical while allowing designers’ creativity to shine through.

Cosy Bedsides

Eschew harsh overhead lighting in the bedroom and opt for something that will add a touch of beauty and functionality. Decorating with wall sconces or table lamps bedside will add a warm layer of pleasure to this most relaxing room.