Lighting for Health and Well-Being

19. 1. 2020

Bespoke lighting for healthcare facilities on the rise

Healthcare design has seen a surge in growth as healthcare administrators and medical centre managers realize the importance of good design when it comes to patient care. In addition having a pleasant, well-lit work environment reduces stress for medical staff. The current trend is to create a more home-like setting versus an institutional environment. Designing warm and welcoming spaces can have a positive effect on a patient’s comfort and recovery.

“Light plays an important part in a person’s well-being,” said Vladimir Kadlec, Project Director for Preciosa Lighting. “We have been seeing a trend in designers and developers of healthcare facilities requesting fun and interesting lighting to make their public spaces more inviting and empathetic.”

Emirates Hospital Dubai

Emirates Hospital Dubai

Preciosa was asked to help create an impressive space that did not feel like a hospital. The interior design proposal was done by Samuel Creations/SCDESIGN+, Dubai while the design execution was handled by Dubai-based MASSA Design.

The two large installations we designed were both inspired by the universe--the cosmos and clouds to be exact. Like a trail of clouds descending from the sky, one of Preciosa’s installations uses polished brass aluminium for a warm reflective base, combined with crystal trimmings. The second design is reminiscent of a miniature galaxy formed from polished stainless steel, crystal trimmings and hand-blown frosted crystal spheres.

Tan Tock Hospital Seng Singapore

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

A joyful mix of colourful floral-inspired shapes hangs through the atrium of this Singapore hospital. Preciosa crafted hand-blown flowers, leaves, spheres and more to bring a touch of nature and whimsy to the space. The installation can be enjoyed from multiple floors.

Greenline Hospital Sao Paulo

Greenline Hospital

This twister of hand-blown glass reflects magnificently in the atrium of this Sao Paulo hospital. The statement pieces uses amber, frosted, and clear elements to create a twirl of elegance. Large scale lighting installations in main lobbies such as this one are often requested as they provide a source of beauty and style to an otherwise clinical looking space.

Greenline Hospital Sao Paulo Greenline Hospital Sao Paulo

Designing for people’s wellness is becoming increasingly important as healthcare professionals realize the connection between a person’s environment and their well-being. Designers are looking for that extra touch of beauty, sparkle or moment of surprise and bespoke lighting fits the bill.