In the wake of Monaco Yacht Show 2017

3. 10. 2017

Resonating immensely with the industry, this year’s MYS once again proved to be the king of all yacht shows. And Preciosa is proud its new installation concept SeAnne has navigated its waters with flying colours.

Like each year, September in Monaco belonged to the very best in the yachting industry. Business cards were exchanged, new collaborations announced, and the latest maritime design trends were eagerly discussed.

Anchored at the Upper Deck Lounge

Taking our visitors on a cruise of unsurpassable craftsmanship, Preciosa’s installation could be seen in the very heart of MYS - the Upper Deck Lounge - a high-end venue we were one of the official partners of.

This is where we introduced exquisite lighting objects and complete yachting solutions for yachts, super yachts and cruise ships from our Maritime portfolio.

Apart from the Maritime portfolio, our iconic Bohemian crystal chandeliers from the Cultivation of Chandeliers Since 1724 concept and the highlight of the installation - were on display for the attendee’s eyes to feast on.

To top our presence off, we provide the awards bestowed upon superyachts exhibited at the MYS during the inaugural gala on the eve of the show opening.

Sails set towards comfort

Seeking the best there is, the most-demanding clientele, superyacht builders, yacht designers and luxury manufacturers swarmed the prestigious event exploring new waves of yachting design inspiration.

Breaking away from the mainstream and setting course off the beaten current trends to create something new and different to allow unusual takes on design has shown in the recent moving away from the ostentatious to the comfortable. The emerging trends seem to place emphasis on simple and clean designs while striving to intertwine usability, functionality and luxury with a definite focus on calm, neutral, relaxing tones. Moreover, the extent of translating the residential designs into the maritime and vice versa has been renegotiated and the interiors seem to be incorporating residential feel on a greater scale, with the focus on atmospheric spaces being something that the industry will be seeing a lot more of.

The magic of designing with crystal

Andrew Winch, one of the world’s leading super yacht designers who regularly works with Preciosa on bespoke lighting for the finest sea vessels, finds the use of renown Bohemian crystal chandeliers in keeping with the trends, as its element ensures a “beautiful central piece with modern glass features, magical purity and refraction that sends lights across the ceiling.”

Stressing quality, art and superb craftsmanship, the essential parts of yachting design industry, Winch’s collaboration with Preciosa is thus a result of values both Winch and Preciosa proudly share. In his words, “Only then something individual for clients who appreciate the highest level of craftsmanship, an inherent beauty that encapsulates any design, in combination with new techniques” can be achieved.

Enlightening inspiration on deck of 2018

Do not forget to reserve next September in your calendars for this exclusive event so you could choose from luxury accessories and lighting solutions for your next project. We will yet again be serving designs in which traditional craftsmanship meets modernity in mesmerizing new perspectives. Bon voyage till next year’s MYS!