Designer Lighting for your Space

24. 7. 2019

Choosing the ideal light for every room

Light is life. Whether it is natural or artificial, providing every room in your home with the proper lighting is an important design consideration. You want your space to be beautiful, but you also want to ensure there is the correct amount of light for functional purposes.

Sleep tight

The bedroom is where you awaken to a new day as well as a place where you look for relaxation in the evenings.


“Typically a soft and warm light is best for the bedroom, said Dana Brabcová, Preciosa Flagship Store Manager. “When we say ‘soft’ we mean diffused, indirect lighting. Warm light provides a gentle, intimate glow.”


Beautiful function

In kitchen and dining spaces, functional lighting is very important, but you also want the lighting to look good.


Gemma, part of Preciosa’s Solitaires portfolio, includes a spotlight for bright, direct light, as well as ambient light from the lamp’s body. The ability to switch between three lighting options makes it an extremely useful yet also attractive light.


Inspiring living rooms

A beautiful light defines and enhances a space. Many people think of lighting as an afterthought, something to add when the rest of the design scheme is complete.


Include ceiling lights and table and floor lamps when thinking about your decor to create enticing spaces with light.

“Lighting is wonderful to decorate with because not only is it functional there are so many different designs and styles available,” said Ms. Brabcová. “Whether your look is classic or contemporary, casual or elegant, there is a light that will complement your decor.”


From minimalism to maximalism

Preciosa has been cultivating chandeliers since 1724 and we have seen many trends come and go. Investing in a timeless handcrafted light becomes an heirloom piece, something loved for generations.


Preciosa’s Collections portfolio has both classic and contemporary pieces, chandeliers, solitaires, floor and table lamps--lighting that will add a dazzling glow to any space.

“Don’t be afraid to think outside the box,” advises Ms. Brabcová. “Put a historic chandelier filled with crystal trimmings in an industrial space. Line your hallways with wall sconces in place of art. Place a single solitaire in a corner to bring attention to something special. Lighting is one of the most flexible and exciting design options available.”


Preciosa Lighting’s Flagship store has lighting advisors on hand for ideas and recommendations on how to make crystal lighting a captivating addition to your home. Visit us today or schedule a private appointment.

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