Decorative Chandelier of the Year for Preciosa’s Crystal Automata

9. 11. 2017

The mechanical marvel inspired by movement and the fascinating craftsmanship behind glassmaking and clockworks stole another show. This time, our Crystal Automata came out victorious in the Light Middle East Awards 2017. We cannot be any happier!

Celebrating the best in the work of lighting, the Light Middle East Awards returned in its 5th edition to gather more than 600 industry professionals at the gala evening dinner in Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Center. In a hugely competitive shortlist of projects that have made the cut, our team put another feather in their cap.

We are very happy to announce that our Crystal Automata installation that oscillates between art and engineering beguiled the panel of judges and took the top prize in the Decorative Chandelier of the Year category!

A masterpiece of art and engineering

Serving crystal brilliance through poetry in motion, Crystal Automata combine basic principles of mechanical movement with the four basic elements of Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. In an allegory of elements of all existence, the chandelier installations fuse the concept of automata and the beauty of Bohemian crystal born from the natural wealth of Crystal Valley, the home to Preciosa. Reflecting the cyclical nature of these mechanisms, the installations pay tribute to the complexity and perfection in continuous motion that is ever-changing and never ceases.

A sparkle of tradition wedded with innovation

The recognition from Light Middle East Awards, one of the leading lighting design projects of the year thus comes as a great compliment paid to the passion and effort our team put into the presentation and the superb craftsmanship of our work.

It is only thanks to the great emphasis we place on cherishing the original spirit of our chandeliers and translating them into contemporary contexts through combining the traditional techniques and modern technology that we succeeded in this highly competitive and increasingly cutting-edge field of lighting design.

Feel free to explore the majestic cruise of light into modernity of our Crystal Automata as an invite to the inspiring way of the future of chandeliers we have been carefully cultivating since 1724 in the very heart of Europe.

We would hereby like to thank you for your unrelenting support, sharing the same sense for design and chandelier culture. It is much appreciated.