Cut Crystal Enchantment for Any Space

30. 11. 2021

Diamond Cloud is a luxurious lighting installation, and because it is a Signature Design, it can be adapted to any space, big or small. Designers can choose the size, shape and illumination method of their Diamond Cloud.

One of the more unique aspects of Diamond Cloud is its vertical composition. Multiple components can be hung on one wire making it not only extremely customizable, but very flexible for any design project. Diamond Cloud works perfectly in a smaller space like a dining room, above the table, but can also become a statement piece of lighting art in an open public space, like a hotel lobby.

Diamond Cloud is an excellent chandelier for dining spaces. It can be designed to extend the length of a long table for a compelling look, or create a narrower fixture for smaller tables and a more intimate feel.

For a large public space, like a hotel lobby or other reception area, create a Diamond Cloud that people will remember. Suspensions can be in different lengths as can be the glass rods. This composition will give the feeling of movement and flow to the space.


Part of the allure of Diamond Cloud is its carefully crafted shape. We are able to showcase cut crystal in a contemporary and luxurious way because the suspensions are strategically placed. This composition works well in either a large space, or one with a high ceiling, like an entryway. It too can be designed wide or narrow, depending on the space and its overall design.


Diamond Cloud can gloriously brighten an open stairway. The suspensions can be arranged looser for a more airy feel, or tighter to create a luxurious impression.

Diamond Cloud’s cut and composition creates a sparkling phenomenon that can be personally felt by each person who experiences the installation. The fixture is a contemporary addition to luxurious and classical interiors and it works wonderfully as a sparkling statement chandelier in minimalist spaces.