Crystal Composition

25. 9. 2019

Preciosa Solitaires come together in an elegant new way

There is something simply lovely about a single pendant light hanging in a space. It is a classic look that can fit nearly any room and any design. But sometimes you want to make a bigger statement, especially in a large space, stairways or high-ceilinged room. A solitaire cluster may be for you.

“Clusters work really well in atriums, over staircases, entryways and even in dark corners,” said Vojtěch Kučera, Head of Product Development for Preciosa Lighting. “The way the light reflects off each individual pendant really adds a special sparkle to a space.”


Shining with sparkle and flair, Flare’s hand-blown crystal is precisely cut to encourage the dispersal of light. Captivating patterns enhance the crystal brilliance of the glass while emphasizing the gold or silver plated body.

Flare’s three styles may be hung as one, in variety, or in a grand arranged scheme. There are three different cuts available for Flare -- octagon, square and wedge. Each refracts light slightly differently and offers a distinct look.


Simplicity as the ultimate in sophistication. This lighting solution casts an intimate glow thanks to its compelling form created from a hand-faceted glass cylinder and a quadrangular brushed brass base.

Geometric has a number of different combinations which makes it a versatile solitaire for any type of decor. The light has two different cuts, square and grid as well as the option for three surface finishes: dark copper, gold, and satin brass.


The radiance of light is showcased in all its glory in the contrast between contemporary moulded glass on the outside and traditional cut glass on the inside. The soft opaque core suspended within sleek clear glass produces a delicate yet energetic light creating a timeless look for any space.

Glory’s elegance beautifully fits classic and minimally designed rooms.

The design possibilities for these clusters are endless. There is only one stainless steel fixing plate and the plate’s colour can be chosen based to match the solitaires. Because there is only one fixing, only one power supply is also needed which makes for easy installation. Three groups are available, using three, five or seven lights. The composition length and arrangement is up to the designer and the pendants’ cuts can be mixed and matched too, for example mixing or matching Flare’s three cuts: octagon, square, and wedge.

“There is so much versatility with solitaries and with this convenient cluster option, we believe designers will be able to bring an individual look to both public and private spaces,” said Mr. Kučera.