Create your own custom lighting

20. 1. 2021

Preciosa Signature Designs are authentic, timeless and celebrate design. Each one offers unlimited design possibilities including different scales, compositions, colours, materials and surface finishes, construction principles and illumination methods. Designers can take our design and create lighting that meets their space’s specifications.

Inspiral is our latest Signature Design. Senior Designer Alena Hlavatá Němcová was inspired by calligraphy, writing with light, to create this design. Like drawing through space, Inspiral becomes a ribbon of light as it sweeps through a room.

“Every Signature Design can be customized based on the client’s wishes - colour, size, shape, and more,” says Alena. “With Inspiral it’s as easy as drawing a shape on a piece of paper.”

Draw your Inspiral

Preciosa has a selection of pre-designed Inspiral concepts to demonstrate different typologies. Designers can choose one of these versions, modify it to better suit their space or start from scratch and sketch their own composition.

Inspiral’s flexibility allows you to customize its shape

“Like a calligraphic drawing, Inspiral curves can have different orientation and depth, creating optically stronger and weaker lines,” said Alena. “This gives the fixture 3D dynamics and allows the final installation to look different from varying perspectives.”

Crystal Components

Inspiral’s construction alternates crystal prisms to create overlaps. This gives the crystal ribbon a harmonious appearance and the arrangement offers maximum flexibility as curved geometries can be achieved.

Inspiral’s most popular crystal and metal colour combinations highlight its contemporary vibe. Elegant crystal, crystal frosted or smoky crystal prisms combine perfectly with a stainless steel, copper, gold or black matte finish.

Different prism colours give your Inspiral a personal touch

Light it up

Preciosa’s engineering team has created more options for a custom Inspiral. LED chains are behind the crystal prisms. This creates Inspiral’s characteristic crystal lighting effect and produces a decorative, atmospheric light. We can also design computer composed scenes if a dynamic installation is desired.

Work with the Preciosa Design Team to create your perfect light

Flexibility and personality

Designers love Inspiral for the freedom it gives them when thinking about lighting but it isn’t the only Signature Design available for creatives to make their own.

“Our Pearl selection offers very different, but no less creative lighting options,” said Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting. “Pearl Drop, for example, can also be constructed in a number of different shapes, while Pearl Curtain allows for the ‘layering’ of colours and the option to use lighting to define a space.”

We’ll create 3D models of your Signature Design based on the size and shape you request

“Pearl Wave and Breath of Light round out the Pearl family. These also offer excellent interactive possibilities, and Pearl Wave is a favourite of maritime designers."

Working with Signature Designs is straightforward. Once you’ve chosen your design, think about your space and how you feel the installation will best fit. Sketch it out and a Preciosa designer will create a computerized model. You will work together to decide the best shape, length, width, materials, and colours. The finished design will be tailored to your vision and space.


Signature Design Inspiral

Signature Design Inspiral

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