Captivating Downtown Design Dubai 2017

20. 11. 2017

With Dubai Design District 2017 over, we are proud to say we have made another step towards renewal of Bohemian crystal mastership.

Bringing together an unrivalled selection of the world’s most iconic and cutting-edge brands in furniture and design, the 5th edition of Downtown Design Dubai was a great opportunity for us to unveil our latest installation named Crystal Garden.

Crystal bursting with life

In an exclusive worldwide launch, the plentiful visitors were welcome to explore the installation at booth B02, developing further on the compelling concept of Cultivation of Chandeliers. Since 1724. which we presented at this year’s Salone del Mobile as a substantial part of our vision for the present and the future. That is why, the installation was also flanked by our iconic chandeliers Rudolf (in contemporary colours) and King (a contemporary interpretation of the unique Maria Theresa chandelier).

In line with the effort we put into desire to conserve the original spirit of chandeliers, the installation was an invite to celebrate our innate appreciation for chandelier culture and the ways we take to redefine them in modern garbs to help them withstand the ravages of time and style for the generations to come.

Therefore, in a sparkle of tradition and innovation, Crystal Garden brought to life the magic of flora in more than 1,000 glass pieces in 5 colour shades inspired by the Arabic desert rose and combines sophisticated technology and exquisite design. Meant not only to illuminate, the piece also creates unique atmosphere and drama, turning the world dwelling in its light into a magical experience that drew a great deal of attention for which we are truly happy.

Dedicated to our tradition and superb craftsmanship, we will be looking forward to having you over at our stand at the future events. Make sure to stop by and draw in some enlightening inspiration for your next projects from the Crystal Valley, the home to Preciosa.