And the Winner is...

31. 10. 2018

Preciosa Lighting announces this year’s Master of Crystal

Preciosa Lighting may have been cultivating chandeliers since 1724, but that doesn't mean we are stuck in the lighting past. Thanks to an approach that considers innovation while cherishing tradition, Preciosa chandeliers are able to stand at the forefront of style through every era. One of the ways the company does this is by recognizing young designers and their creations through the Master of Crystal competition.

Since 2007, Preciosa has been awarding one young design student the title of Master of Crystal. In addition to having their work evaluated by a professional jury, the winner receives a cash prize, the opportunity to attend a European design event and Preciosa will manufacture the winning light in our factory. It’s a wonderful opportunity for budding designers to get some real world experience and exposure.

Congratulations Master of Crystal 2018

In the glittery showroom of Preciosa’s Flagship store in Prague, the winner of this year’s Master of Crystal was announced: Jakub Neufuss and his design Sweetsen. Mr. Neufuss likes to work with traditional materials in non-traditional ways with the goal that his designs will contain a joke, value or some other idea of uniqueness.

Two other prizes were also awarded. The České sklářské prize was presented to Emma Naarova for her design, Oto.

The Jablonec Glass and Jewelry Museum’s Special Jury Prize was awarded to Frantisek Jungvirt for his light, Barock.

The theme of this year’s competition was ‘In and Out.’ Designers were asked to consider the path of life, that fact that we are constantly moving from one stage to another. We change ourselves, and our surroundings change. People, objects and stories come and go. Considering this, how should a light illuminate this path?

“In and Out is not just a matter of trends, it is not just a journey between history and modernity, but also one that everybody goes through,” said Lucie Karlova, chairwoman of Preciosa Lighting’s Board of Directors. “We wanted to motivate participants of this year's Master of Crystal competition to create a light object that will be a companion, support, aid or tool on this path.”