A Carousel of Light in the Middle East

15. 10. 2019

Preciosa brings dazzling contemporary design to Downtown Design Dubai

This November, Dubai will be sparkling with thousands of spheres of Bohemian crystal. Carousel of Light, an interactive installation inspired by movement and love will be making its Middle East debut at Downtown Design Dubai.

Carousel of Light is composed of nearly 8000 spheres in opal, amber frosted, clear and pink frosted hues stretching eight metres in diameter. The spheres are hung in groups of four, almost 2000 suspensions in total. As visitors enter the pearl curtain, colourful lights will lead their path. Guests wander through and the lights above light up, fading away as they move on. The installation becomes a part of the visitor’s journey, lighting a beautiful crystal path as their exploration continues. To make it easier for people to absorb themselves in the spectacle, the platform rotates, allowing guests to keep their eyes focused on the pearls.

Carousel of Light is inspired by the Signature Design Pearl Curtain. Signature Designs are Preciosa’s concept to make designing a bespoke lighting installation easy and convenient. The Pearl Curtain concept is inspired by the rich draping of curtains in formal spaces. The gentle movement of textile is translated into soft waves of vertical component groups. Similar to curtains, the design allows for the “layering” of colours or materials.

“What is unique about Preciosa Lighting is our ability and desire to capture all the emotions we can through crystal and light, creating a feeling of joy in everyone who comes in contact with one of our designs,” said Michael Vasku, Creative Director for Preciosa Lighting. “I hope everyone will have a chance to discover our Carousel, and share a smile and a laugh with us.”

Preciosa Lighting at Downtown Design Dubai 2019
12-15 November, 2019
Dubai Design District
Stand D19

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