A Breeze of Elegance and Light in Dubai

7. 3. 2023

Crystal Breeze is a custom floral ceiling installation inspired by the gorgeous Dubai scenery surrounding the Address Beach Resort. Read how our designer took inspiration from her surroundings and added her expertise to create a fresh and elegant lighting installation.

Perfect Dubai

The Address Beach Resort is an iconic beachfront resort and one of the hottest properties at Jumeirah Beach in Dubai. The natural environment inspires everyone; gorgeous views to the ocean and landscaping that brings the outdoors in. A series of grand stairways on the patios allows visitors to walk from the beach into the hotel lobby.

Lighting up the Lobby

Entering the Address, you may feel you haven’t come indoors. Big, bright windows, a statement mural, and of course, a free-flowing design of crystal flowers banishes all thoughts of an ordinary lobby.

“When you enter the lobby, you can admire something like two screens in a theatre: the beautiful adult olive trees in the background and an amazing ocean view on the other side,” said Anežka Závadová, a Dubai-based Preciosa Lighting Designer. “It feels like time suddenly stopped; our installation creates the perfect feeling of serenity.”

Inspiring Design

The client's idea was to connect the elements of the nearby ocean with the olive trees inside the building. They asked for a large, statement lighting installation composed of flower blooms. Ms. Závadová was given free rein by Mirage Interior Design Studio to create Crystal Breeze.

“Our task was to fill this generous space with our lighting installation and beautifully bring together two main themes: the ocean and trees,” Ms. Závadová said. “All the elements and inspiration needed to be in perfect harmony.”

With a space blooming with as much natural light and beauty as this lobby, Ms. Závadová didn’t have to look hard for more inspiration. She took into consideration the trees, the ocean just steps away, and the striking mural in the space. In coordination with the client, she chose glass blossoms as the component.

“I wanted to evoke an impression of a breeze, a path of flowers organically blowing freely,” she said. “The path begins at the main desk area and dramatically evolves through space.”

Feel the Crystal Breeze

Now everyone can feel the touch of elegance at the Address Beach Resort. Crystal Breeze brings an extra hint of freshness and natural beauty to the lobby. The installation is nearly 22 metres tall and more than 7 metres long. It features more than 1300 leaf and blossom hand-crafted crystal components and 700 pressed pearls. The components are in four shades of blue: azure, sky blue, aqua, and cobalt. It’s a breath of tranquility for everyone to experience.

Anežka Závadová

For Anežka, the opportunity to work on large crystal lighting installations while bringing new and original ideas to projects motivates her every day at Preciosa. She thrives on designing installations with an artistic touch and ones that capture the genius loci of the space. She has worked on notable projects in the Middle East including the Mandarin Oriental, Dubai; Hilton on The Palm, Dubai and the Bahrain Hospital.

“With its clarity, glass offers many senses and ways of interpretation.”