World View Tower

Mumbai, India

Taking inspiration from Crystal Valley is something Preciosa Lighting does best. Being surrounded by the natural forests and hills of northern Bohemia makes it easy for us to work a bit of nature into our designs. In Mumbai, a luxury high-rise residence tower welcomes residents and guests with a beautiful touch of autumn.

World View Tower is an 82-floor residential tower with a height of 291 metres. It joins World One (442 m) and World Crest (223 m) residences in South Mumbai. HBA London asked Preciosa to create unexpected lighting to complement the lobby’s luxury décor. Using falling leaves as inspiration, five lighting installations were created for the entrance lobby. The designer requested the lights be visible from the outside. Preciosa met this challenge by hand-blowing every component into a spiral shape and individually lighting each one. Glowing spirals can now be seen when approaching the building at night. A second challenge was found in the oval dome of the reception area. Our design team had to carefully sculpt an organic flow for the components to ensure a true feel of leaves falling in autumn.

Preciosa Lighting has worked with the developer Lodha Group on past projects and was pleased to be able to create these memorable lights for the World View Tower.