Venus, Dubai Mall


Preciosa presents a line of both historic chandeliers and their contemporary counterparts. Venus is one such light, created by well-known Czech designer Rony Plesl.

Global property developer Emaar, owner of the Dubai Mall, recently decided to expand the shopping centre’s Fashion Avenue. A high-end luxurious experience was requested with an emphasis on materials and design. Light Statuario marble and polished stainless steel metallic highlights combine beautifully with rich carpet and upholstered fabric for an elegant, restful feel. Venus was installed in a lounge off the main entrance. The light gives the already prestigious space a luxurious glow.

Venus, inspired by the historic chandelier Maria Theresa, is a gentle, porcelain-like light. Opal white hand-blown glass was chosen to create that effect. The peaceful feel is accentuated by individual glass flowers which decorate the arms. The entire light gives off a beautifully relaxing glow.