The 118 Downtown


Image you lived in a 6-star hotel. That’s what the directors of Signature Developers had in mind when they began designing The 118 Downtown Dubai, a luxury housing complex of only 26 residences. The developers chose HBA Dubai as their interior designer, and they decided Preciosa Lighting would be the ideal partner to create signature elements that fit such a premium property.

The designers wanted the arrival experience into the space to be a memorable one. That’s where you’ll discover “Amber Wave” a 1600kg lighting installation made from hand-blown crystal, amber and smoky taupe glass elements. Each glass piece was individually hung by Preciosa’s installation team, which took over 700 hours. The chandelier is unique in both day and night conditions, reflecting natural light and lighting up brilliantly when darkness descends. The piece flies dramatically through the space, coming to a crescendo when the tall atrium ceiling rises.

Preciosa created a second lighting installation that spans the length of the space in front of the building’s lifts. Throughout the lobby, crystal and gold-plated wall scones were designed by Preciosa as were the bubbled glass door handles for the main entrance. Welcome home.